Is Kim Kardashian Copying Hira Tareen Look? Fans Are Confused!


Does Kim Kardashian resemble Hira Tareen in any way? Kim Kardashian wore the same dress in 2018 and 2019, according to a photo shared by Hira Tareen recently. Hira Tareen is confused, is she copying her or not. Let’s investigate this more, then!

One of Pakistan’s most well-known models is Hira Tareen. She has acted in dramas as well and is extremely well-known. She has appeared in dramas such as Mohabbat Suubh Ka Sitara Hai, Tum Kon Piya, and Khuda Mera Bhi Hai. She began her professional career in the drama Manjali in 2012, and her sister Zara also works in dramas.

In 2013, she married the multi-talented actor Ali Safina, with whom she has a child. While she recently shared a photo of herself wearing an out-of-date attire from 2018.

She posted a picture of her attire from her trip to Armenia in 2019 on Instagram, writing, “Lol I doubt it but Just saw her post about it and her clothes so similar. I then dug around on my old photos some more and discovered these from 2018. I suppose our taste in fashion is comparable.

Fans have contributed their humorous responses to this post. Yeah, a user remarked. She certainly took all of her fashion cues from her. For weeks, Kim has been watching her. It reads, “Matlab Kuch bhi aur kaheen bhi.” She can’t duplicate the complete, another person wrote.

By stealing Kim Kardashian’s breakfast photo, early Minal Khan gained a lot of notoriety and attention. She recently shared this image on Instagram, cropping off Kim’s name. After that, she became so well-known that her supporters immediately began mocking her and accusing her of stealing.

What do you think about Kim Kardashian’s alleged imitation of Hira Tareen’s style? Please tell us in the comment section! Let’s find this puzzle out together in order to end the debate.