Is Arif Alvi resigning from President’s Office?


ISLAMABAD – Following the contentious detention of PTI Chairman Imran Khan and the violence that followed it, over two dozen leaders including some of the key members of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) have distanced themselves from the former ruling party and its chief, which slammed the ongoing stern crackdown for the mass departure.

As Imran Khan-led party faced dual shocks as one of his close aides Fawad Chaudhry parted ways with PTI, and the second major leader was Asad Umar who stepped down from the party post; he however, mentioned not to leave PTI, which is battling to survive after May 9 attacks.

Amid the exodus, social media was abuzz with reports that President Dr Arif Alvi is likely to be stepped down from the Presidency as Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf is falling like a house of cards.

As social media users cited well-informed sources behind the major development, Alvi himself has not issued any statement, neither any PTI leader commented on the matter.

Social media users claimed that Alvi tried all his efforts to mend ties between Imran Khan and military but his desperate attempts failed to work, others claimed that amid the current position of PTI, Alvi lost moral authority to hold the office of country’s commander in chief.

Lately, Dr Alvi stressed revisiting top priorities to steer crisis hit nation out of its deepening socio-economic and political difficulties. President said that it was the responsibility of the leadership of all institutions to focus on addressing the major challenges, including overcoming poverty, and improving the economy.

In another major blow, Asad Umar steps down as PTI’s secretary general