IRSA releases 219677 cusecs water




Indus River System Authority (IRSA) Tuesday released 219677 cusecs water from various rim stations with an inflow of 233903 cusecs.

According to the data released by IRSA, the water level in the Indus River at Tarbela Dam was 1548.88 feet, which was 156.88 feet higher than its dead level of 1392 feet. Water inflow and outflow in the dam were recorded as 155700 and 120300 cusecs respectively.

The water level in the Jhelum River at Mangla Dam was 1198.70 feet, which was 148.07 feet higher than its dead level of 1050.00 feet whereas the inflow and outflow of water were recorded as 13826 and 35000 cusecs respectively.

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