Irresponsible statement


Opposition leaders warned that if the resolution calling for a no-confidence vote against Prime Minister Imran Khan was not presented in the National Assembly till today (Monday), which is the deadline for tabling the resolution, they would stage a sit-in in the lower house, thereby hampering an Organisation of Islamic Cooperation summit.

PPP Chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari was more threatening in his tone who stated, “ We will see how will you (government) holds the conference.”

As regards no confidence motion against PM, it is an internal matter and both government and opposition parties should follow relevant rules and regulations to complete the process in a transparent manner.

However, threatening to sabotage the OIC moot by the opposition parties is regrettable that gives the impression that our political leaders care more for their petty political interests than that of the country.

When a party head makes such an irresponsible statement, it is not only heard far and wide but also leaves a negative impression about the country.

Therefore, we will ask the opposition to refrain from such provocative statements that hurt country’s image.

In fact it is a matter of prestige and great honour for Pakistan that it is hosting the conference for second time in a matter of few months.

This implies its stature within the OIC.The significance of upcoming session has assumed greater importance given the fact it is coinciding with the 75th Pakistan Day and that its participants will also witness Pakistan Day parade.

This is a great occasion to demonstrate our diversity, potential and professionalism of our armed forces to these friendly countries, which in fact will go a long way in furthering relations with them in diverse fields.

Till conclusion of the conference, both opposition and government should refrain from polluting the environment through fiery statements.

The focus should only be given to successful and smooth conduct of the OIC meeting.


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