Expectations from OIC



Ahead of the 48th session of the OIC Council of Foreign Ministers beginning in the federal capital on Tuesday, Pakistan on Saturday launched its official anthem of “Hum Mustafavi Mustafavi Hain” — a theme of Muslim unity.

The lyrics of the song refreshed old memories and emotions way back to 1974 when the second Islamic Summit Conference was held in Lahore.

It was declared the official song of the OIC.Written by eminent poet Jamiluddin Aali, the song was once used to be on the lips of everybody.

Now it has been remixed but most importantly its originality has been maintained with same old theme, lyrics and composition.

The song conveys a strong message of cohesion, solidarity and strong bonds amongst the Muslim World and given current challenges, it indeed has become need of the hour more than ever before.

Most recently, the declaration by the UN to observe 15th March as international day against Islamophobia is a testimony that Muslim countries with collective efforts can make their voice heard.

Given the Muslim population of around 1.8 billion and immense resources of all sorts, our clout at international level must be bigger and far wider.

However, it is the discord in our ranks that is holding the Muslims back from reaching the full potential.

It is because of our own weaknesses that Muslims are being exploited and persecuted from South Asia to Middle East.

Situation in European countries is also becoming serious where Muslims are being subjected to discrimination.

To address these challenges, the OIC, which is the second largest organisation after the United Nations with a membership of 57 states spreading over four continents, has a greater role to play.

Instead of becoming a debating club, it must come up with a clear roadmap to heal the wounds of oppressed Muslims be they are in India, occupied Jammu and Kashmir, Palestine or Syria.

We are looking forward to a productive upcoming session of the OIC that should go beyond passing just mere resolutions.

A loud and lucid message should be transmitted in support of oppressed Muslims.If the repressive regimes do not pay any heed to this message then the OIC countries should collectively cut off trade and diplomatic relations with them until they correct their course.

Unity among our ranks, support for justice and development together can make a lot of difference in the lives of people in the Muslim World and across the globe.


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