Irregular load-shedding and power blackouts concern residents of Afghan Capital


Residents of Afghanistan’s capital city Kabul allege that frequent, erratic electricity load-shedding and blackouts have grown frequent in the city. They voiced concern, saying that the electricity distribution system is irregular and that if this persists over the upcoming winter season, they will encounter various problems.

With Afghanistan entering the cooler months of the year, prolonged power disruptions and load-shedding have alarmed some Kabul residents.

Several residents of Kabul have told the media that as winter approaches, they are compelled to burn wood, which produces emissions and contributes to pollution, to heat their homes because electricity is not available.

The high cost of electricity has also been a source of complaint, and the repeated disruptions and high cost of electricity are both causes of concern, according to them.

The authorities of Da Afghanistan Breshna Sherkat (DABS), the Afghan state electricity company stated that Kabul’s power capacity will be expanded.

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