International silence on IOK


MASSIVE Indian atrocities are on the rise in Occupied Kashmir with each passing day. According to latest data, more than three hundred people died in the held Valley in the first half of current year, making the six months period one of the deadliest in the region in recent memory. According to Jammu and Kashmir Coalition of Civilian Society, Indian forces launched 177 cordon and search operations during this period in which troops seal off an area and conduct a security sweep.
The fact of matter is that occupying forces have broken all records of brutalities and atrocities in occupied Kashmir by using every lethal mean including pellet guns to silence the Kashmir people. But more State violence and oppression is further intensifying and fuelling freedom spirit amongst the Kashmiris. All these atrocities are well documented by various international reports including that of the UN Human Rights Commissioner yet the regrettable part is that the so-called champions of human rights which are quick to raise hue and cry on even one incident of human right violation in a Muslim country are completely silent, for economic gains, over barbaric acts of Indian military under extremist Modi Junta. These double standards are no longer acceptable. If these countries or organisations are opting to remain silent on IOK massacre, then they have no right whatsoever to give their opinion or give dictation on human right violation of any nature in any Muslim country.
It is also time for India to realise that it cannot silence or suppress the voice of Kashmiri people through the use of brutal military force. The resolution of this outstanding dispute only lies in dialogue process and sooner Indian leadership understands this fact better it will be for a peaceful and prosperous future of the region. Continuing with its tyranny in IOK and increasing tension with Pakistan will not serve any purpose but only aggravate the situation. During talks with the US President Donald Trump, Prime Minister Imran Khan should effectively raise Kashmir dispute and plight of innocent Kashmiri people. Pakistan is playing a positive role vis-à-vis Afghan peace process and we also expect the US to play same kind of role for earliest resolution of Kashmir dispute. Resolution of both Afghan conflict and Kashmir dispute are a must to bring lasting peace in the region and the world at large. Leaving this core issue undecided will not bode well for peace and world community needs to shun political, economic expediency and initiate practical measures to bring an end to horrible plight of Kashmiri people.