International Humanitarian Law Day


OIC calls for promotion of humanitarian principles, peace


Commemorating the International Humanitarian Law (IHL) Day, which falls on May 09 each year, the General Secretariat of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) called for the need to respect the IHL principles and rules to protect humans in conflicts and wars.

It called on all societies to consolidate the values of peaceful coexistence, tolerance, and acceptance of the other and take concrete measures to strengthen IHL, most of whose principles are at the core of the tolerant Islamic values.

By dedicating May 09 of each year, under its Resolution No. 42/1 of the 42nd Session of the Council of Foreign Ministers (CFM) held in Kuwait in 2015, the OIC seeks to highlight the extent of its deep commitment to promoting the IHL principles and rules, and in this regard calls on the Member States to carry out activities on this day that strengthen the said IHL rules.—PR


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