Intent behind false flag operations


Dr Muhammad Khan

THE term, false flag means a covert operation intended to deceive the rival party. In false flag operation, the deception creates the appearance of a particular party, group, or nation being responsible for some activity while disguising the actual source. Indeed, it is a misrepresentation through covert political or military operation, carried out to blame the opponent. In the tense environment of subcontinent, India has planned and executed dozens of major false flag security and military operations in its own territory or in India-occupied Jammu and a Kashmir for ultimately blaming Pakistan. These Indian false flag operations created lot of misperceptions against Pakistan and India presented itself as a victim, thus gaining international sympathy. While taking advantage of the 9/11 incident, Indian spying network planned and executed the infamous Parliament attack in December 2001 and mobilized its armed forces to attack Pakistan. Later in 2008, Indian spying agencies executed another major false flag operation Mumbai attack-2008, killing over 160 people which also included the global presence. After this false flag operation, India tried to attack Pakistan, which was deterred by PAF. Subsequent Indian false flag operations include; Uri attack, Pathankot attack and finally the Pulwama attack in February 2019.
Recently, Indian spying network has arrested a police officer DSP Davinder Singh in occupied Jammu and Kashmir. Mr Singh had raised steadily through the ranks of the IOK police and now has been accused of helping the Kashmiri freedom fighters in IOK. Earlier he was accused of forcing a man to help Kashmiri militants travel to New Delhi in a deadly attack on the Indian Parliament in 2001. Indian security forces made best use of Mr Singh against Kashmiris and Pakistan and now arrested him to hide what India has been doing against Pakistan. Indeed, DSP has many secrets of Indian false flag operations and Indian spying network wants to silence him for ever. Sanjiv Bhatt is yet another former Indian Police officer from Gujarat, who filed an affidavit in the Supreme Court of India against Prime Minister Modi, the then Chief Minister of the State of Gujarat. He indeed, exposed Narendra Modi, the role he played during 2002 Gujarat riots. On his truthfulness, Mr Bhatt was removed from the police service in 2015 after detention and since then he is facing the wrath of BJP and RSS. The 2008 Mumbai attack was a false flag operation, staged by Indian Government. Very surprisingly, the leadership of this greatest democracy of the world has dared to kill its own citizens to defame its neighbours or else for strengthening anti-terrorist laws, again against its own people. According to Times of India, a former Under Secretary of Indian Home Ministry R V S Mani, has revealed “The Indian government, Not Pakistan, was behind the Parliament Attack (13/12, 2001) and Mumbai Attack (26/11 2008).” This officer of the rank of Under Secretary of Indian Home Ministry was categorical in his revelation that this was orchestrated by India to formulate and strengthened the counter-terrorism laws in India and to defame Pakistan.
As per the Times of India, Mr Mani has submitted signed affidavits in the court claiming that a member of CBI-SIT probe team, Mr Satishverma, told him that these attacks were conducted “with the objective of strengthening the counter-terror legislation.” The unfortunate attacks on Indian financial capital Mumbai on 26 November 2008, had killed 167 innocent people, including Hemant Karkare; in-charge of Anti-terror Squad, who was conducting inquiry of terror attack committed by serving Indian Army officer, Colonel Prashad Srikant Purohit; arrested on the charges of attack on Malegaon Mosque bomb blast and Samjota Express. On 13 December 2001, India alleged Pakistani intelligence agencies in an attack made on its Parliament and taking that as a raison d’être, mobilized its forces all along the international border. Later investigations could not prove the allegations on Pakistan and a Kashmiri, Afzal Guru was arrested and subsequently hanged on 09 February 2013, a political murder indeed. Earlier in the year 2000, India state-managed a drama of killing 36 Sikhs in Indian Occupied Kashmir, on the eve of the visit of former US President, Bill Clinton. Later investigation proved that RAW was behind killing of these Sikhs to defame Pakistan. Again in 2007, Hindu extremist elements burnt alive dozens of the passengers of Samjota Express near Panipat while en-route to Pakistan and immediately levelled the changes against Pakistani intelligence agencies.
The Pulwama attack was also a false flag operation, aimed to defame Pakistan and gain global sympathy, while concealing its oppression against Kashmiris of the IoK. Through its superior strategy and military planning, Pakistan reversed the Indian military misadventure. This has exposed Indian allegations strategy and fabricated claims, it has been labelling against Pakistan. On the other hand, Pakistan today stands at a higher pedestal with a strategically dominating position in and around South Asia. All that Pakistan demand is a peaceful resolution of disputes, the Kashmir dispute as per UN resolutions and equality in the comity of nations. All that Indian Government and its spying machinery aimed through above-mentioned false flag operations is to defame Pakistan and its iron-fist armed forces. Pakistan has already informed UN and major powers against what India has been doing and planning to divert attention from its domestic unrest and chaotic situation. The world must realize that, the rise of terrorist mind-set, currently ruling India, is a global threat which must be stopped sooner than later.
— The writer is Professor of Politics and International Relations at International Islamic University, Islamabad.