Instagram launches teen protection tools


Instagram is introducing new protections to shield teens from unsolicited direct notifications from adults.

Only the older users who are followed back by teenagers will be able to message them.

Messages may often be accompanied by a note warning teens not to react to something that makes them feel awkward or uncomfortable.

The interventions would only function if users’ profiles have accurate ages, which young people often fib about to prevent being limited on what they may see.

Predators, on the other hand, can claim to be younger than they are.

Instagram requires that you should be at least 13 years old to use it.

Young account holders also have the ability to keep their accounts private when they create them, according to the website.

Instagram said If the teen does not pick ‘online’ after signing up, we can give them a message, later on, stressing the advantages of a private account and encouraging them to review their settings.

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