Infinitum–The First ever all Pakistan online Math Olympiad


‘Infinitum ’20: Where the Parallels Meet’ was Pakistan’s biggest online mathematical event of the year. Organized by team GEM (Group of Emerging Mathematicians) of Generation’s School, the event was hosted from the 16th to the 18th of October 2020. GEM is a group of 47 intellectuals, comprising the members of Nexus and MENSA societies of the Senior Section at Generation’s. It was a grand event with over 65+ teams, of 4-5 members each, from all over Pakistan. Infinitum ’20 officially began in the evening of the 16th, with addresses from the organizers and introduction of the modules as well as the rules to be followed, which made everyone excited for what was to follow. The 3-day event consisted of 9 rounds. All of these rounds were specifically designed to test a different skill of the participants, making sure that they were well-rounded individuals. The online event, conducted through a variety of online platforms, helped nurture not only coordination and teamwork of the participants, but also hone their critical thinking skills, to ensure they had a learning experience, along with maintaining the entertainment factor. The Generation’s School has always lain emphasis on nurturing student leadership, and this event was an excellent example of this. Infinitum ’20, a result of the consistent efforts of students, under the guidance of their teachers, showed that no matter how uncertain the times, one should always make the best of their time and skills, to ensure that all activities go on. Challenging though it was, to entirely organize an event online, it was a feat well-managed, proving, that nothing, not even the most challenging of situations, can stop us from going forward with learning, and fun. The event ended on the 18th, with (details of the closing ceremony). All in all, Infinitum ’20 was a great success, and an enjoyable experience for all.

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