Indus River drops to low flood


Our Correspondent


Indus river water level has dropped below the low flood at Guddu, while the water has been in low flood at Sukkur and Kotri barrages. Indus River water level still rising at Kotri Barrage while receding at Guddu and Sukkur. According to Flood Forecasting Division based in Lahore, inflow of Indus at Guddu Barrage has been 182,000 cusecs, while the water discharge has been recorded 158,000 cusecs.
The water inflow in river has been measured 2,26,700 cusecs at Sukkur Barrage, while the outflow at the barrage has been 1,89,100 cusecs, according to Sindh Irrigation Department. According to in-charge Flood Control Room Abdul Aziz Soomro, the water level at Sukkur Barrage rapidly going down.


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