India’s illegal ‘Twin Towers’ to be blown up



Two illegally built residential high-rises are slated for demolition near India’s capital this weekend in a rare crackdown on developers who cut corners and swindle unsuspecting home-buyers.

A controlled implosion will bring down the 100-metre-high “Twin Towers” on New Delhi’s outskirts after a court ruling last year found the structures were built unlawfully in collusion with local authorities.

Thousands of anxious residents — along with dozens of stray dogs — are being evacuated from the vicinity, but the crew in charge of the knock-down said safety was assured.

“It’s a beautiful feat of engineering,” said demo-lition team leader Joe Brinkmann, according to the Times of India newspaper.

“Just pack your bags and enjoy the day.” The towers will be fitted with around 3,500 kilos of explosives and are expected to come down in a matter of seconds.

The world’s fastest-growing major economy has seen a construction boom in recent years, but devel-opers often cut corners with impunity.—AFP


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