India’s FATF admission exposes its real face in region


Narendra Modi-led Indian government’s admission that it ensured Pakistan remained on the grey list of the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) has exposed its double-faced role in the region.

An analytical report released by Kashmir Media Service, on friday, said Pakistan was placed on the ‘increasing monitoring list’, generally knows as the grey list, by the FATF in June 2018 and since then it continues to be on this list.

It said India’s admission on FATF politicization once again vindicated Pakistan’s stance on New Delhi’s negative role in the region. India has long been using global forums for its narrow political designs against Pakistan, it deplored.

The report said, manipulating an important technical forum for achieving narrow political designs is disgraceful but not surprising for Modi-led fascist Indian government.

It said, New Delhi is trying to destroy credibility of global institutions like FATF for fulfilling its nefarious political designs, adding that FATF must take stern notice of the Indian foreign minister S. Jaishankar’s statement as his admission has raised serious questions on the integrity of FATF.

The report pointed out that the Indian FM’s confession has once again proved that New Delhi was hatching conspiracies to turn public opinion at the global level against Pakistan.

While referring to the statement of the Foreign Office of Pakistan wherein it gave a hint of approaching the financial watchdog for appropriate action against Modi-led Indian government for politicizing FATF, the KMS report said that the world community must tell India in no uncertain terms to stop its nefarious agenda against Pakistan. India will never succeed in its wicked plans to harm Pakistan, it added.

The report maintained that Pakistan has been taking concrete action to meet the requirements of the FATF and the same has been acknowledged by others.

In this regard, the report cited US State Department spokesperson Ned Price’s remarks wherein he said the US recognises and supports Pakistan’s continued efforts to meet the FATF requirements, and acknowledges that Islamabad has made significant progress on the international watchdog’s original action plan.

The report also mentioned Pakistan’s Foreign Minister, Shah Mahmood Qureshi statement in which he had said that the FATF had no justification to keep Pakistan on its grey list as Pakistan had completed the FATF’s technical requirements.

“We had been given 27 points in the FATF Action Plan, out of which work on 26 has been completed,” he said, adding that work was also being carried out to address the remaining item.

At the end, the KMS report said that the admission by S. Jaishankar, the Foreign Minister of India, has not only brought in the open the negative role being played by New Delhi against Pakistan but also raised questions over the decision-making within the FATF itself and whether this global financial watchdog is being used to achieve political goals. –KMS


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