Indian SC’s decision on Babri Masjid condemnable


The Mughal Society of Pakistan on Monday said decision of the Indian Supreme Court regarding Babri Mosque has hurt the feelings of 600 million Muslims.
Construction of Ram Mandir at the sight of Babri Masjid will leave hundreds of millions of Muslims shocked and insecure, it said. Speaking at a meeting, Baig Raj, President of the Mughal Society said that the soul of the founder of Muslim India Zaheer ud din Muhammad Babur would be restless.
He said that accusing Mughal emperors of constructing a Masjid on the site of a temple by demolishing it is very cruel as Mughals always treated all the subjects equally irrespective of their religion. The history of India has been distorted while the Muslims of India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, and Central Asia has been deprived of their identity, he added.—INP

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