Indian SC decision on Kashmire endorses Pakistan’s stance


Amraiz Khan

Governor Punjab Ch Muhammad Sarwar has termed the decision of Indian Supreme Court on Kashmir issue as affix of seal on the narrative of Pakistan and said that Hitler Narendra Modi is facing humiliating defeats at every forum and stands exposed. The voice of Kashmiris is reaching the whole world, American members of Congress are also depicting concerns over the situation of Kashmir. India couldn’t defeat the resilience of Kashmiris even after a curfew of 43 days by hundreds of thousands of Indian Soldiers, International media is also exposing the lies of India.
While talking to various delegations at his residence this Monday, Governor Punjab Ch Muhammad Sarwar said that 220 million Pakistanis are standing tall with their Kashmiri brother and sister and InshAllah that day is not far when the independence movement of Kashmiris will finally succeed and Kashmiris will witness the dawn of independence.
He said that from the day one Pakistan declared the curfew in Kashmir and other steps of India as unconstitutional and now Indian Supreme Court also declared all the steps as unconstitutional and against the fundamental Human Rights and now there is no doubt that with each passing day Indian atrocities are getting exposed in front of the whole world and all the institutions of Human Rights.
Governor Punjab Ch Muhammad Sarwar said that today across the world, protests are taking place against the Indian atrocities and in solidarity with Kashmir’s and whole world is condemning the decision of Modi Government regarding Kashmir.
He said that Narerndra Modi has been left with no option but to run and in any circumstances they will have to resolve the Kashmir Issue according to the resolutions of the UN.

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