Sirajul Haq urges women to raise voice in support of Kashmiris


Staff Reporter

Jamaat-e-Islami chief Senator Sirajul Haq has asked the Pakistani women to raise a strong voice in support of their Kashmiri sisters and brothers who are compelled to spend a miserable life under the shadows of terror in Indian held region.
Addressing a ‘Hijab Conference’ at a local hotel on Monday, the JI chief said the humanitarian crisis was worsening in IHK with every day passing but the world was acting as a silent spectator.
JI Women Wing Lahore chapter organized the event in connection with International Hijab Day. Other speakers included Humaira Tariq and Samia Raheel Qazi.
Siraj said the people were starving to death in Occupied Kashmir as food shortage crisis gripped the area. The Indian forces, he said, unleashed a new wave of terror on already besieged people since August 5 which was unstoppable even after passage of more than 43 day. He regretted the government of Pakistan had so far taken not a single step in support of Kashmiris who had been fighting the case of realization of Pakistan for more than seven decades. He also came down hard on political parties who brought to streets thousands of people to protect their own interests but were unwilling to organize a single march for Kashmir cause.
‘Kashmir is jugular vein and matter of life and death for Pakistan,’ said Siraj and demanded that government announce bold steps to help the people who were dying due to Indian forces torture and food and medicine shortages.
The JI chief asked the Muslim world and international organizations to shun their silence and condemn Indian brutalities in the occupied area. He said the peace in the region could not be attained until the settlement of Kashmir issue according to the wishes of the people of the affected area.
‘People of Kashmir and Pakistan will never accept any mediation from US President Donald Trump on Kashmir. The dispute of Kashmir should be resolved under the UN Resolution giving right to self determination to the people of the area,’ he said.

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