Indian RAW planned Lahore terrorist blast: NSA


Evidence including financial records points to direct Indian sponsorship

Staff Reporter

Pakistani investigation into the last month’s Lahore blast aiming at a “high value target” has concluded that the attack was orchestrated by the Indian intelligence agency, Research and Anlaysis Wing.

“I want to make sure that our message is heard very clearly that this particular incident on 23rd of June in Lahore we have concrete evidence and intelli-gence including financial and telephone records that point to direct Indian sponsorship of these terror-ists,” revealed by National Security Adviser Dr Moeed Yousaf at a joint news conference with Information Minister Fawad Chaudhry and Punjab Police IG Inam Ghani on Sunday.

Inspector General of Police Punjab Inam Ghani shared the findings of the investigations from suspects involved in the act.

Moeed Yusuf while addressing the presser said that the Lahore blast was sponsored by India and the person who managed the entire act was linked to RAW.

“Other than the call records, we have the data on bank account in India used by handlers to transfer money for the bomb blast,” he said adding that a third country was used to transfer money to the orchestrators of the blast.

Moeed Yusuf said that the prime minister has given clear instructions to expose the Indian hand in terrorist attacks in Pakistan and utilize all legal and other resources to pursue the case globally and expose the real face of the neighbouring country.

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