Indian propaganda again exposed



OUT of sheer animosity, Indian government and media never ever miss any opportunity to churn out misinformation against Pakistan.

But with such acts, the Indians are bringing embarrassment to themselves and losing credibility. The fact is that they can no longer hoodwink the world.

On Monday, several independent journalists from various corners of the world ridiculed India for spreading lies through fake claims on social media that a Pakistani fighter jet was shot down by the anti-Taliban forces in Afghanistan’s Panjshir Valley.

Even the saner elements in the country slammed their media outlets and termed them clowns for using even video game’s recording and portraying it as a real time footage of Pakistan Air Force jet flying over Panjshir.

The picture of crashed fighter jet shown by the Indian media actually turned out to be an old picture of a US Air Force plane taken in 2018. This is not the first time that the Indians have resorted to such propaganda against Pakistan.

The very revelations of EU Disinfo Lab will be still fresh in the minds of the people as to how Indian network operating since 2005 is active to discredit countries including Pakistan.

The latest episode has yet again confirmed that the Indian government and media can go to any extent to malign Pakistan.

They are not only resorting to lies and propaganda against Pakistan but are also backing terrorist groups to perpetrate terrorism in Pakistan.

India always tries to portray itself as the victim of terrorism but the fact of the matter is that it is Pakistan which has borne the brunt of terrorism sponsored and funded by New Delhi.

Evidence in this regard has also been submitted by our government in the form of dossiers to the United Nations. It is, however, surprising that the world is turning its back to the Indian crimes against humanity.

Time has come for the international community to rise above political and economic expediency and rein in India which has only proved to be a spoiler of peace and stability in the region.

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