Indian police arrest a youth in south Kashmir



In Indian illegally occupied Jammu and Kashmir, Indian police arrested a youth during protest against the Indian film crew of Emraan Hashmi-starrer ‘Ground Zero’ in south Kashmir’s Islamabad district.

The Indian police used brute force when the people staged protest against the Indian film shooting members in Pahalgam area of the district.

The youth was identified and arrested after allegedly pelting stones at the Indian film crew of Emraan Hashmi-starrer ‘Ground Zero’, an Indian police official claimed.

Some media reports claimed the Indian film actor Emraan Hashmi was injured in the incident that took place on Sunday when the crew was shooting in the Pahalgam area, while the film star Hashmi dismissed reports that he was injured in the stone pelting. “The news of me being injured in a stone pelting incident is inaccurate,” the actor tweeted.—KMS


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