Indian medics seek visit to held Kashmir



Several doctors belonging to Alliance of Doctors for Ethical Healthcare (ADEH) in India Thursday urged the Indian Home Minister to facilitate their visit to assess the healthcare situation in Indian occupied Kashmir (IoK), which remains under lockdown on 39th day.
In a letter sent through email and post, these doctors have said that there are conflicting reports about the healthcare situation in the valley, Kashmir Media Service reported. Whereas the authorities’ statements are that healthcare is normal, but several media and independent reports are to the contrary, they added. The doctors in the letter said, it is important to assess the exact situation by visiting different parts of the valley.
They said, this will also help in assuring the people of the valley that the doctors from across the India are with them and could help to ensure conditions that are fully conducive for their health. This will help remove skepticism about the healthcare situation in the valley, they added. Signatories of the letter include Dr Arun Mitra (ENT Surgeon) Punjab, Dr J. Amalor Pavanthan (Vascular Surgeon) – Tamil Nadu, Dr Abhay Shukla (Public health expert) – Pune, Dr Monica Thomas (Neuro physician) – Delhi, Dr KV Babu (Ophthalmologist) – Kerala, Dr Shakeel-ur-Rehman (Paediatrician) – Bihar, Dr Sanjeeb Mukhopadhyay (Gynaecologist) – West Bengal, Dr Zaibunissa (Opthalmologist) – Tamil Nadu, Dr Mussadik Mirajkar (Surgeon) – Mumbai, Dr George Thomas (Orthopaedic surgeon) – Tamil Nadu, Dr Arun Gadre (Gynaecologist) Pune, Dr Sharada Bapat (Family Physician) – Maharashtra, Dr Jamila Koshi (Psychiatrist) – Tamil Nadu, Dr Muralidhar (Professor of Surgery) Chennai.
Meanwhile, Kashmir valley continues to remain under military siege on 39th consecutive day, today. Communication links including mobile and internet services and TV channels are snapped in the entire Kashmir valley and some areas of Jammu region. Due to continued blockade, the residents of the valley are suffering immensely as they face shortage of food stuff, milk.—APP