Indian govt urged to restore statehood, hold assembly polls


In Indian illegally occupied Jammu and Kashmir, an urgent meeting of the Panthers Trade Union (PTU) in Jammu passed a resolution, demanding immedi-ate restoration of statehood of the territory.

The PTU General Secretary, Neeraj Dewan, chairing the meeting, urged the Indian President for his urgent intervention to ensure that the Indian government follows the principles of democracy and rule of law which has been completely shad-owed in the territory since August 5, 2019 when its special status was repealed.

He said, this act of the parliament, converting the J&K into a union territory, was totally illegal, improper and unconstitutional and, therefore, the residents of the territory have been demanding re-turn of an elected government and return of state-hood.

Neeraj Dewan said, he is constituting a mobile team of the senior leadership of PTU who shall move around the J&K and he himself shall accom-pany the team from Poonch to Kishtwar to Kathua, Billawar, Bani, Basholi and Poonch to Ramban and then shall move to the Valley of Kashmir next month. —KMS

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