India using ‘AirPods’ to monitor common Kashmiris



In Indian illegally occupied Jammu and Kashmir, the Indian authorities are using modern technology to monitor the common Kashmiris after failing to suppress the freedom movement.

The authorities in the occupied territory have given their agents and forces’ personnel including army, police, traffic police and in civic dressed personnel AirPods, which are equipped with high-speed sensors and cameras, to monitor the freedom-loving Kashmiri people and can hear the voices of people around them.

Despite presence of more than one million Indian soldiers in the occupied territory, the authorities seem to be vary of Kashmiris, and that’s why a common Kashmiri is being closely monitored.

India thinks that it can suppress the freedom spirit of Kashmiris with these tactics, but it needs to understand that Kashmiris have foiled every strategy of India with their spirit of faith and freedom in the past and will continue to frustrate its nefarious designs in future as well.

Political analysts and experts in Srinagar have said that the Kashmiris need to be alert and vigilant against these nefarious tactics of India. They maintained that like other tactics, this strategy of India will also fail in this heavy militarized zone of the world.—KMS


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