India unliveable for Muslims



EVER since Narendra Modi, whose hands were already soaked in the blood of Gujarat Muslims, has come to power, India has become one of the most dangerous countries for minorities especially the Muslims.

The policies such as criminalizing their religious practices, food habits and even businesses, have only emboldened the hardline Hindus to go on rampage against Muslims. Every now and then, reports keep emerging from India about attacks on Muslims.

In the latest horrific and despicable incident, properties belonging to the Muslim community were set ablaze and vandalized by radical Hindus belonging to the BJP-RSS dispensation with the connivance of local security authorities in Karauli area of Rajasthan state.

As also stated by our foreign office in its condemnation statement, the BJP-RSS combine has enabled the perpetration of senseless violence against minorities as part of its Hindutava agenda marked by hate and majoritarianism.

Indeed the recent history is replete with traumatic instances that reflect the current Indian regime’s deep seated animosity against Muslims.

The fact of the matter is that India is playing with fire. The very controversial and venomous statements of their leaders are just further provoking the hardline Hindus.

In a recent debate over Islamic prayers and religious practices, Karnataka’s Minister KS Eshwarappa labelled the Muslim call to prayer, Azaan, as a source of disturbance for students, patients and the elderly.

Previously one also saw how hijab and halal meat were declared a problem for the country by the ruling party.

Gravity of the situation can be gauged from the fact that open calls are now being made for the mass killings of Muslims.

Various international experts and organizations have also warned of the threat of genocide of Indian Muslims.

It is really regrettable that regardless of all this, the international community is not ready to shun its silence out of political and economic expediency.

Had such sort of human rights violations were being committed by a Muslim country against its minorities, that country would have been attacked or at least sanctioned by now.

The world community whilst shunning the double standards must come forward for the rescue and safety of Indian Muslims.

The Muslim Ummah has a greater role to play in this regard.


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