India has deprived Kashmiris of all democratic rights’


When International Day of Democracy is being observed all over the world, today, India continues to suppress the Kashmiris’ just struggle through its brutal measures in Indian illegally occupied Jammu and Kashmir.

A report released by Kashmir Media Service, today, said India has proved itself a fake democracy by crushing with brute force the Kashmiris’ right to self-determination guaranteed under several resolutions of the UN Security Council.

“Continuous denial of the Kashmiris’ democratic rights has proved that India is a sham democracy”, the report said, adding, “Violation of Kashmiris’ fundamental human rights has exposed India’s façade of so-called largest democracy.”

It maintained that the death of India’s fake democracy was daily witnessed in the killing fields of the occupied territory and said that Modi regime’s atrocious measures, which have touched alarming proportions since 5 August 2019 illegal actions, is responsible for the Kashmiris’ sufferings. —INP


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