Increase in budget to ensure free education urged


Education experts at an advocacy forum while projecting the vitality of education towards an educated society and national progress have emphasized on the need for girls education with more focus on the increased allocation of budget for this sector especially in Punjab.

The advocacy forum was arranged by the Awaz CDS Pakistan here with a major focus to highlight the importance of education without any gender bias and raise demand for sufficient budgetary allocation for education sector.

Chief Executive Awaz CDS Pakistan Zia ur Rehman; Professor of Economics, University of Central Punjab, Lahore, Dr Qais Aslam, Additional Secretary (P&D) School System Qaiser Rasheed, and Director General of Punjab Assembly Anayat Ullah Lak; spoke on the occasion while a number of representatives of education sector organizations joined the forum.

In his opening remarks, Zia ur Rehman gave an overview of the educational facilities in the Punjab province in terms of gender and region.

He explained that education plays a vital role in shaping up an educated and skilled society that leads to national economic prosperity.

He further emphasized upon the provincial government to ensure equal as well as quality education in all areas of the province without any discrimination.

To achieve this goal, the Awaz CDS Pakistan Chief Executive urged the government to immediately notify the Punjab Free and Compulsory Education Act 2014.

In his remarks, Dr. Qais Aslam from the University of Central Punjab said that the current overall education level in the province is not up to the mark as there still exist a number of barricades in terms of social circumstances, access to schools, paucity of public funds, lack of furniture and other facilities.


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