Imran’s role in America’s pull-out from Afghanistan is great, but he should also push for lifting sanctions on Iran

Salahuddin Haider

JOE Biden has given the date for his country’s troops’ pull-out from Afghanistan, withdrawal starting from May 1, and over by September 11.

This should give Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan impetus to push harder for the commitment to be fulfilled. US President has also warned that any attack on US troops, will be stoutly defended.

Imran khan’s role for peace in Afghanistan has been repeatedly lauded by White House and State Department spokesman. Imran Khan was the man who on US request brought Taliban to negotiation table.

He now has to make a little more efforts to persuade both Taliban, and US administration to be tolerant and sincerely try to reach a compromise.

Pakistan who has been calling for peace in Afghanistan, needs that badly, and achieves that goal with a little bit greater efforts.

If Afghan forces withdrew from Kabul and northern areas of the country, permanent peace will be in the interest of all—US, Pakistan and Afghistan itself, as well for the region. Pakistan has already met enormous success in foreign affairs.

His telephonic call to Bangladesh counterpart Hasina Wajid, though was warmly responded.

The two leaders, tied in fraternal knots, talked for considerable length of time. But since then there is complete silence.

Imran has been too busy with domestic affairs, but he and his foreign minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi have spoken to a lot of international leaders on telephone.

Qureshi on last week visited Germany and announced to open a Pakistani consulate in Germany (city’s name not yet announced).

However a menacing Corona, or Covid-19 has affected the world, Pakistan luckily remained far more less affected than most countries of Asia, Europe or elsewhere by the deadly disease, and now with the arrival of medicine from China and Russia, some 9 lakh people are to be vaccinated.

Hopefully they will be completely immune which in words plane and simple they will virtually have a second life. But because of the pandemic travel has been affected world-wide.

Many VIPs, despite the aftermath of the many VIPS, foreign ministers of several countries, and Russian defense minister have visited Pakistan.

Experts advise that Imran too must follow a pro-active and not reactive foreign policy.

Domestically he has almost survived and now looking forward to complete the remaining two and a half years of first tenure in office.

PDM chief Maulana Fazlur Rehman is hoping a patch-up between two warring factions—PPP and ANP on one side—and JUI (F) and PML (N) on the other.

Although PDM chief, Fazlur Rehman expects the PPP and Awami National party, both of whom have already disconnected their relationship with the opposite side, and the fact that neither of the two have been invited for the forthcoming meeting called by the Maulana, the expectation automatically becomes meaningless.

Both the factions are now poles apart. They are now like two parts of a river which never meet till they finally join the broad spectrum of sea or an ocean. That is not meeting. It is like a death warrant for rivers, falling into seas.

The situation can therefore be easily compared to the split within the PDM. They are already poles apart.

How can one hope a compromise between them, these experts? Experts emphatically point out, that their re-union looks like impossible now.

Reports monitored from New York Time and Washington websites or those on by CNN relay positive signals expecting that this time peace will return in Afghanistan, war-torn for over three decades, indicate hopeful signs as far as permanent peace in concerned.

IF some trouble out during the withdrawal process, or after that, it s a different matter these organizations admit that after years of arguing against an extended military presence in Afghanistan, President Biden is doing things his way, emphasizing that four successive Presidents in America have been through agonizing situations. He therefore does not wish to pass on the problem to fifth President.

That is indeed re-assuring.
In rejecting the Pentagon’s push to remain until Afghan security forces can assert themselves against the Taliban, Biden forcibly stamped his views on a policy he has long debated but never controlled.

Now, after years of arguing against an extended American military presence in Afghanistan, the president is doing things his way, with the deadline set for the 20th anniversary of the terrorist attacks.

‘Now Imran’s efficiency in solving matters, will be tested as to skillfully he handles the Irani problem also.

Perhaps if situation improves by September when the UN General Assembly meets for its annual gathering of world leaders, Imran may too avail the opportunity to address like he delivered a very impressive speech at the General Assembly two years ago, and also meet Joe Biden to persuade him to compromise with Iran.

Some headway has already been recorded like the improvement in efforts for peace in Afghanistan, but delays have been causing hurdles from time to time.

All Imran has to do is to convince Biden and Irani leadership to reach a compromise, beneficial to both.

He is quite capable of shaking the world’s conscience, which if risen from the deep slumber, Pakistan will be happiest country, so will be Imran Khan and people of Pakistan.

The issues, well begun, are half done already. It should and must reach its correct conclusion, experts feel sure about that.

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