Imran’s mess would require 2-3 years to clean up: Maryam


Claims PTI chief not the subject of ‘foreign conspiracy’

Pakistan Muslim League-N Vice-President Maryam Nawaz on Wednesday told deposed prime minister Imran Khan that he was not the subject of any ‘foreign conspiracy’ but that his own MNAs and MPAs..

“Imran Khan needed to rely on a fake letter and resort to a conspiracy drama to cover his government’s lack of performance during the past four years,” the PML-N leader told a public gathering in Swabi, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. “You were neither ousted by Nawaz nor by a foreign conspiracy, but by your own MNAs and MPAs,” she added.

Maryam also said the nation of 220 million people would not let Imran hide behind his conspiracy claims. She added that the people of K-P will have to think carefully about who they wanted as the next ruler as it is linked with their progress and prosperity.

Maryam asked the people of the province to vote for PML-N’s Ameer Muqam and rid the province of Imran Khan in the next elections.

Continuing her tirade against the former premier, she claimed that he was a complete failure when it came to detailing his party’s performance during his rule.

On the deposed PM’s alleged criticism of state institutions, she said: “Why should Pakistan Army carry the burden of your filth,” adding, “You will have to carry this burden yourself.”


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