Imran urges peaceful resolution to the Ukrainian Conflict

Imran urges peaceful resolution of Ukraine Conflict

Islamabad: Ahead of the visit to Russia, Prime Minister Imran Khan reiterated the need for peace and a peaceful solution to the Ukrainian conflict.

In an interview with Russian TV, PM Khan expressed his views that military conflicts do not solve the problem.

Imran Khan also expressed the stance of Pakistan on the issue and said that Pakistan does not want to become part of any bloc. Rather it desires trading relations with all countries.

The Prime Minister also stressed the greater need for cooperation among the United States, Russia and China.

Relating to the relations with Russia, Prime Minister said Pakistan wants to strengthen bilateral ties with Russia, and he looks forward to his Moscow visit.

While commenting on the precarious situation of gas in the country, Khan said, “our North-South Gas pipeline has suffered a delay because of the US sanctions on the Russian company we were negotiating for the construction of the pipeline.”

Lifting sanctions on Iran will also be beneficial for Pakistan, PM added.

When asked about relations with the Indian government, PM said that his government reached out to India as soon as they came into power to solve the long-overdue problem of Kashmir. However, India has been taken over by the racist ideology, deeply inspired by the Nazis.

PM Imran Khan will leave for Moscow on a two-day official visit tomorrow. This is the first visit of any Pakistani premier in the last 23 years.

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