Noor Mukaddam Case: Islamabad Court reserves verdict

Noor Mukaddam Case: Islamabad Court reserves verdict

Islamabad: After many twists and turns, a local court has finally reached a decision in the high-profile murder case of Noor Mukaddam.

District and Sessions Court judge, Justice Ata Rabbani, has reserved the verdict which will be announced on February 24.

The court reserved its verdict after arguments in the case were concluded.

As the hearing began, the plaintiff informed the court that the CCTV footage showed the prime accused, Zahir Jaffer, taking the victim forcibly to a room.

Furthering providing details about the case, Nisar Asghar said that both Zahir Jaffer and Noor Mukaddam were outside the house at 2:46 am and returned at 2:50 am.

Noor even managed to go outside at 2:41 am, but a guard stopped her from fleeing the house.

Another lawyer of the complainant, Shah Khawar, said that DVR, CDR, forensic and DNA reports are solid evidence against the accused in the murder case.

Khawar also appealed to the court that they have proved the case of the accused and requested to hand down a severe punishment.

Prosecutor Rana Hassan said that the arrest of Zahir Jaffer from the scene is the biggest evidence itself.

He further added that Zahir had been taken into custody with the murder weapon, and had bloodstains on his clothes at the time of the arrest.

He maintained that the accused was also charged with rape before murdering Noor Mukaddam.

“Noor Mukadam’s life could have been saved if Jaffer’s parents had informed the police,” the prosecutor added.

Later, Jaffer’s counsel Shahryar Nawaz completed his arguments in the murder case.

Meanwhile, the court reserved its verdict in the case and adjourned the hearing till February 24.

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