Imran to launch protest movement from Sept 24

Amraiz Khan

Former Prime Minister and Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf Chairman Imran Khan on Wednesday has finally decided to launch his protest movement for “Haqeeqi Azaadi” from coming Saturday against the incumbent government.

He made this announcement while addressing lawyers’ convention in Lahore, he was of the view that once the rule of law is established in the country, the national economy will be on the right path automatically.

Addressing the convention he said, “The PDM government has put the lives of the people at stake, the national interest and the betterment of the people lies in getting rid of the government as soon as possible”.

“The economy cannot improve until the justice system is improved,” he added. He said the absence of rule of law led to investments drying up and boosted the corruption in the country. Flaying the PMD-led government for its poor economic policies, he said the rupee had greatly depreciated against the dollar and caused inflation and unemployment to soar. Imran Khan quoting IMF comments said Pakistan is facing Sri Lanka-like situation, adding that the inflation is the highest in Pakistan’s 50-year history and his party will steer the country out of this crisis. PTI Chief alleged that while the poor people were suffering, the wealth of those in power was increasing. He also criticized the rule of law and unequal application of justice in the country compared to western countries. Imran Khan said that those “issuing threats from unknown numbers” should be threatened back. He said that in western countries, no one received threats from unknown numbers and also flayed the recent clamp down on some journalists who were thought to be pro-PTI. The PTI chairman reiterated that the country needs rule of law and the economy cannot prosper until the justice system is improved.

He thanked the legal fraternity for a warm welcome and said that the imported government is leading Pakistan towards quagmire.


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