Imran Riaz arrested for committing a crime: Law minister


Anchorperson and journalist Imran Riaz Khan had been arrested because he had, in the view of the government, had committed a crime and that he will have to go through a court trial.

This was stated by Punjab Law Minister Malik Ahmad Khan on Wednesday while addressing a news conference in Lahore.

Briefing the media on the anchorperson’s late night arrest, the minister said freedom of expression should not be exploited, adding that the ‘freedom’ always comes with reasonable restrictions.

“Is there anyone in Pakistan who can talk against Islamic poets? if someone does the same constitution says to stop him under Article-19 (A). Similarly, this article stops those who speak against the sanctity and integrity of Pakistan,” he added.

Talking about to arrest of Imran Riaz, the minister categorically said everything was done in accordance with the constitution and the law. Imran Riaz Khan was arrested near Islamabad Interchange late on Tuesday.

He was arrested by Attock Police and was shifted to the jurisdiction police station.

At least 17 first information reports (FIRs) were lodged against Imran Riaz Khan recently, who has been a vocal critic of the incumbent government and the so-called ‘regime change conspiracy’ executed through a no-confidence motion, resulting in the ouster of Imran Khan as the prime minister.

The provincial minister, on the other hand, said Imran Khan made allegations that the government was trying to win the Punjab by-elections with the influence, however, he challenged the PTI chief that if there was evidence, bring it out. He said the election will take place clean and clear at every station.

He criticized predecessors that they had not done anything in Punjab during their four years of tenure now they have been raised their fingers over the coalition government which has been trying to help poor people and take out them from poverty.

He added they have made some difficult decisions just because of the PTI wrong policies.

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