Imran playing dirty politics over dead bodies: Marriyum


Minister for Information and Broadcasting Marriyum Aurangzeb on Sunday said after the failure of deploying all ‘political gimmicks’, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) chairman Imran Khan was now “playing dirty politics over the dead bodies of poor people to get petty political gains”.

Addressing a press conference here, she castigated the PTI chief that “how many more lives he would use for gaining political mileage”.

The minister said that “Imran Niazi is hellbent on creating anarchy and lawlessness in the county”. She recalled that when the no-confidence motion was tabled against Imran last year, he allegedly concocted the story of cipher and foreign interference without thinking that this would damage Pakistan’s foreign relations.

Marriyum said now “Imran Niazi is tendering apologies to the United States and giving clarifications over his self-constructed cipher conspiracy”.

She said the PTI chief was not bothered a bit by dragging the country towards anarchy just for his “political vested interest”. She said the former prime minister was using the said tactics to regain power at any cost. For these reasons, the minister said Imran decided to “play with the cipher” and coerced the Speaker, deputy speaker of the National Assembly and even the president to violate the Constitution under his nefarious political agenda. She said behind closed doors, Imran offered life lifetime extension to the former army chief, but when his offer was rejected he started “attacking national institutions”.

Marriyum said despite all his efforts, he could not spread anarchy and lawlessness in the country and his alleged desire of the “dismemberment of Pakistan after the fall of his government was not fulfilled”. “From cipher manipulation, he shifted his propaganda to imported government and foreign conspiracy to gain his nefarious designs,” she maintained. She said that every single political gimmick of the PTI leadership, including allegations of imported government, had failed miserably.

The minister alleged that “Imran Khan handed over the country to the IMF and played with the country’s economy”.

Marriyam Aurangzeb said during the PTI tenure, the practice of horse-trading during the Senate elections was rampant and at the time of no trust vote, an audio leak of Imran surfaced about the purchasing of loyalties of legislators exposing his so-called democratic credentials.

“When Imran’s narrative of foreign conspiracy and the imported regime fell flat, he started his long march during which the firing incident occurred and he started the “politics of dead bodies”.