Imran must set his house in order; rift in ranks may prove disastrous

Salahuddin Haider

OVERBURDENED already with problems like high rate of prices, mounting debts, rising inflation, and now has come the rift in ranks has hit PTI, which if not paid urgent attention, could well be disastrous for prime minister Imran Khan.

Imran himself has admitted many a time of problems besetting him, and had given its reasons also, which one tends to believe because whatever he says in his government’s defense is downright true, and without exaggeration.

The opposition 11-party combined opposition alliance, called Pakistan Democratic Movement, though in initial stages of its formation last year In November, did apply pressure on the PTI government, but its energies slowly and steadily kept frittering away, and now for all practical purpose it is dead.

Its principal pillars, Maulana Fazlur Rehman of JUI-F spearheading it since beginning, former prime minister Nawaz Sharif, his daughter Maryam Nawaz, displayed muscle power, but now they surely must have realized that their game is over, their efforts have failed.

But the list of criticism against PTI government is far too lengthy to ignore. This include the Balochistan National Party leader AKhtar Mengal’s decision to sit on opposition benches with couple of his legislators friends, the MQM, citing on the fence, demanding fulfillment of promises made to it from time to time, and now Imran’ old friend Jehangir Tareen, and his son complaining of being victim of a conspiracy, being pushed to the wall, which must be avoided, relays positive signals Tareen says he was friend of Imran Khan and will remain so.

A group of federal and provincial legislators joining him in sympathy, attending his Lahore dinner and congregating in Court with sentiment of fellow feeling, too have joined the chorus to emphasize that they considered Imran their leader, will remain loyal to him, but their grievances must be redressed.

They agree with Tareen that justice should be done, and all those involved in sugar scandal, which Imran calls as Mafia, should be transparent.

Tareen also says that he is not afraid of standing trail, and even ready to go to jail, if found guilty, but trial should be transparent, and fair and equal to all.

Tureen’s, his sons’ and family’s bank accounts all have been frozen, which should be done after court verdict.

Before that he and his son must be allowed to use all options available to them legal, or otherwise.

Looking gleefully at the crisis in PTI, opposition leaders like Shahid Khaqan Abbasi, Ahson Iqbal, Rana Sanullah, all have smiling faces, their taunts, does not mean anything for it is like ripples in the pond.

Yes Zardari too wanted to meet Jehangir Tareen, in fact all opposition parties have been making him lucrative offers, but Tareen, showing integrity and honest, turned each one of these down, saying he had already been disqualified for politics for life, and then he is too old now to find a new platform. These are all positive signals and needed to be cashed on.

A fighter all along, Imran has withstood the opposition onslaught with courage and determination, for he is second to none in that, but too many adverse things begin to combine then situation starts to take different turn, which demand prompt attention.

The addition to positive list in Imran Khan’s favour is the implementation of order for breaking the sugar Mafia.

Dozens of sugar godowns have been raided, tons of sugar seized and sent to utility stores or fair prices shops, in the offing for Holy month Ramazanul mubarrak, or the statement from minister Fawad Chadhury of being upset at rift in ranks and file of his party, are again a red light, but his addition that Imran alone can save democracy.

Nawaz Sharif, Maryam Nawaz or his Party are unaware of meaning of democracy, or the analysis presented just a couple days ago by experts that Daska Victory of Noon League’s Nausheen AKhtar was the result of campaigning by Hamza Sharif, According to these experts Maryam Nawaz was prevented from visiting Daska, a sub-division or Tehsil as it is called in Urdu, is a happy augury, Although Maryam in her tweet congratulated PLM-N workers and winner of by-election, but her message lacked conviction, and perhaps was to avoid sheer humiliation which she in the yes of analysts had suffered.

Does that mean that PML-N leadership will change hands, is too early o predict.

Imran has to personally supervise problems like rising prices of essential commodities, from which poor or lower middle class income groups are victims.

Merely giving orders will not work. People want resolution of problems. Imran has to deliver.

Then there is statement from his cabinet colleague Fawad Chaudhury that he was upset at rifts in the party, but has confidence in Imran, for he alone can help democracy to survive.

PML-N, Nawaz Sharif, or Maryam, do not understand the logic of philosophy of democracy.

Their game was just to seek power and nothing more. Only those movements succeed which are led by the people themselves or by just and honest leaders.

A movement has to have a purpose behind, far, far away from personal gains.

Example of successful movements could easily be cited as against Ayub Khan in late 60s and against Bhutto for rigging elections in mid-70s.

Analysts are hoping that that Noon League, and PPP, poles apart for over a month, should not succeed.

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