Imran Khan demands probe into regime change conspiracy

PTI Swat by-poll ANP

Former prime minister and PTI Chairman Imran Khan has stated that the present government was part of a ‘regime change conspiracy’, and the matter should be investigated. Addressing the social media influencers, the former prime minister said that tonight PTI workers and its supporters will protest against inflation across the country.

Imran Khan asked the social media influencer to reach out to the common people; the people are full of anger at the moment due to inflation.

Imran Khan said that these people incumbent government are now throwing inflation bombs on the people themselves. A false statement of inflation was made behind the no-confidence motion, he asserted.

“If you could not handle the government then why did you conspire,” the PTI chairman asked. Imran Khan says ‘visited Russia after consulting all stakeholders’ whether there was a conspiracy or interference against the PTI government, no investigation has come to my notice so far.

The matter should be investigated, he added.

The ousted prime minister said that in his own government the national security committee accepted their position on the ‘threatening cipher‘, but, unfortunately, the big and famous dacoits were imposed on the country. Imran Khan said that the real problem for Pakistan is the shortage of dollars, at present the country is facing 30 per cent inflation. He said that there was no precedent for the manner in which the police used violence on May 25, as the shelling carried out here was like the whole scenario of Occupied Kashmir.