Imran Ismail wants bill to be more effective


The spokesman for Governor of Sindh has vehemently dispelled the unjustified impression being extracted out from the observations of Governor Sindh on Journalists Protection Bill-2021.

“The Governor Sindh Imran Ismail had advised the Sindh Government to remove the possible legal lacunae in order to make the legal document more fair and healthy“, spokesman clarified.

The spokesman added that the Governor Sindh has due right under Article 116(2) of the constitution of Islamic Republic of Pakistan to advice the provincial government to reconsider any proposed legal document, in the light of the noted suggestions and observations, before formal legislation in the provincial assembly.

The spokesman has further observed that the Governor Sindh Imran Ismail has always raised voice for the freedom of press and to ensure maximum possible facilities to the fraternity.

“The wrongly drawn impression from the observation/advice is categorically denied.

Infact, the Governor Sindh has asked the provincial government to fulfil legal formalities before tabling the said bill before provincial assembly in order to make it more effective and fair for the journalist fraternity”, the spokesman maintained.


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