Imran finding another Saqib Nisar in judiciary: Maryam


Claims Pakistan cannot progress until IK is in politics

Pakistan Muslim League – Nawaz (PML-N) Vice President Maryam Nawaz on Tuesday said that after getting rejected from everyplace, former prime minister Imran Khan is finding another Saqib Nisar in the judiciary to shoot his agenda off the shoulders of the institution.

She was addressing PML-N’s social media team in Murree. She said that the former prime minister is now dragging the judiciary after the establishment turned ‘neutral’ and demanded the institution refrain from becoming a part of his agenda. She added that Imran Khan is trying to find another Saqib Nisar in the judiciary while adding that the PTI chairman is trying to shoot his anarchic agenda off the judiciary’s shoulder.

Commenting on the KP chief minister’s statement that he would use the provincial police force in long march phase-II if Imran Khan directs so, she asked what would happen if the chief ministers of Sindh and Punjab had given similar statements.

However, the PML-N leader said no one else than the KP chief minister would give such a statement because all of them were patriotic. She said the people of KP are sensible and preemptively recognized the ill-intentions of Imran Khan.

Maryam expressed grief on the loss of lives of PTI workers during the long march and demanded an explanation from Imran Khan why the lives of other children were put in danger in the persuasion of his own desires.

The PML-N leader said Imran Khan should call his children from London instead of using other children as a shield for gaining personal interests, adding that the former prime minister was following the path of the terrorists.

She added that the terrorists also launch attacks on Pakistan with weapons and cause conflict between the provinces. “I want to ask the judiciary and other institutions whether a terrorist like Imran Khan would be allowed to roam freely?”

She demanded Imran Khan should remove his ‘veil of politics’ and openly express his intentions, adding that Pakistan is ready for ‘Radd-ul-Fasaad’ against him. She reiterated that Imran Khan implored PPP co-chair Asif Zardari a night before the voting on the no-confidence motion.


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