Imran announces Nov 26 as Pindi touchdown date


I will meet you there, says PTI chief

PTI chief Imran Khan Saturday announced November 26 as Rawalpindi’s touchdown date, saying snap polls are the only option to pull the country out of the “mess it has plunged into due to the coalition government.”

The former premier added that he will share further details and the next course of action in Rawalpindi.

Cricketer-turned-politician Imran Khan, in his virtual address, “regretfully” said that he was “hopeless” about getting justice from the courts in Pakistan.

“I will file lawsuits in the US and other countries against the allegations levelled against me regarding the Toshakhana watch,” he said, adding that in Pakistan there is no check and balance.

He maintained that PTI’s struggle to ensure rule of law is practised in the country will continue.

Imran lamented that he isn’t seeing a proper investigation into Arshad Sharif’s case.

Urging the journalist community to take a stand, Khan said everybody should have taken a stand on how cases were registered against him and the threats that were given to him.

He said the matter was not about him but the entire nation.

Reiterating his stance on “slavery”, PTI chief Imran Khan said the national decisions should be taken by the nation, adding that countries shouldn’t become slaves to superpowers.

“Pakistan wasn’t established for people seeking help from others,” he said.

The PTI chief further added that his party wants an independent country. He lamented that he has to share India’s example time and again, however, added that although the country was formed along with Pakistan it has an exemplary foreign policy.

“The US was upset with India for importing oil from Russia but because of India’s firm stance in the interest of its people the matter was resolved,” the former premier said, lambasting the incumbent coalition government for burdening the masses by not buying oil from Russia in fear of their “master.”

PTI Chairman Imran Khan, in his virtual address urged the people to highlight one positive thing that happened during the seven months that the incumbent government was in power.

“What was the urgency that these thieves were imposed on us? Tell me one thing that they did in the seven months which was positive for Pakistan,” Khan asked. He claimed that neither people at home nor abroad have confidence in the current government.

“Terrorism has increased they do not even have time to think apart from themselves. The establishment should tell what happened in the seven months since the change of government,” Khan questioned. He added that the current rulers’ track record was in front of the nation for the last 30 years, adding that the establishment also labelled them corrupt.

“Maybe they have something that I did not see,” Khan said, urging Pakistanis not to remain neutral or their future generations would suffer.

Khan stated: “Powerful quarters have a responsibility and the only way out of this quicksand is free and fair elections.”

Imran berated Foreign Minister Bilawal Bhutto-Zardari, saying that he has no “political future”.

“He still can’t speak Urdu properly and people can’t understand him. I predict that most of his life will be spent on finding where his father [PPP Co-Chairman Asif Ali Zardari] has stashed money from corruption,” Khan said addressing the Haqeeqi Azadi marchers via video link.

Addressing the long march via video link, PTI chief Imran Khan said that ever since he began his trek, he has been seeing women and children.

“Only a sensible nation fights for its freedom,” Khan said, recalling that in the last PTI long march on May 25 they were tortured.

After removing the PTI government “thieves” were imposed on the people, the former prime minister added.


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