Immediate steps to promote national cohesion urged


Our Correspondent


Speakers at a seminar here on Wednesday stressed the need to find solutions to the problems of the aggrieved sections of the society for promoting national cohesion and integration and bringing peace and stability to the country. The two-day training workshop titled ‘Principles of Effective Leadership for Peace Building and National Cohesion’ was organised by the University of Haripur. A large number of students, faculty members, religious scholars and civil society members attended the event.
In their addresses, the speakers said such engagement offers a seed of hope for a sustainable social cohesion and a healthier and vibrant society. They said the role of the youth in peacebuilding process is recognised as a vital factor for a positive transformation besides countering conflict and violence and setting a foundation to strengthen peace and social cohesion. The said a widespread promotion of the culture of tolerance, acceptance of others and of living together peacefully will contribute significantly to reducing many economic, social, political and environmental problems that weigh so heavily on a large part of the society.
The speakers called for establishment of a cohesive society which works toward the well-being of all its segments to create a sense of inclusiveness and promote peace, unity and trust by fighting divisions, exclusion and marginalisation. They underscored the need for introducing an education system in the country which promotes civic consciousness, national unity and a better interfaith and inter-ethnic understanding.
The speakers said the role of teachers and ulema is most important in promoting love and peace and resolving disputes in the society. They said the conflicts of different nature in the world are creating numerous problems and also providing a breeding ground for terrorism, adding that in order to disseminate the message of love and peace in the society, internal peace is the first requirement.

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