Peace, love and brotherhood taught in religious seminaries: Sarwar


Amraiz Khan


Governor Punjab Chaudhry Muhammad Sarwar has said that religion is not about creating chaos amongst people using the name of Islam and those who use Islam for dirty political agenda will fail in their endeavors. He said that “Islamic Madarais” has no link with terrorism; only love, peace and brotherhood are taught there.
He said that those who are conspiring to de-seat Chairman Senate Sadiq Sanjrani are not working for democracy or country. They are merely pushing their personal agendas but this opposition will be unsuccessful in their agenda of chaos, he added.
The Governor Punjab expressed these views during a meeting with Secretary-General Wafaq ul Madarass Qari Hanif Jalandhri, Khateeb Badshahi Mosque Abdul Khabeer Azad and various other delegations here on Wednesday.
Ch Sarwar said under the leadership of Prime Minister Imran Khan, the federal and provincial governments are working hard for reforms in religious institutes’ i-e Madaris and striving to provide better facilities there.
He said that the incumbent government is not only trying to bring reforms in madaris but in entire education system. One nation one education system is our goal. The representatives of madaris are in National curriculum committee, we want to resolve the issues and difficulties of madaris and for students studying there are respected and honored in everywhere, he added.
Talking to party leaders, the Governor Punjab said that despite the hurdles created by enemies PTI government is successfully progressing ahead, we will not only pull the country out of economic crises but will make it an economically strong and stable, and we will provide our next generations with a new Pakistan. He said that the pro-democratic and pro-people Senators are standing in support with Sadiq Sanjrani and they will decide in his favour.

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