IIU President urges students to adopt patience, consistency


President, International Islamic University (IIU), Dr. Hathal Homoud Alotaibi Tuesday urged the students to adopt patience and consistency which were the attributes that lead to success.

He was addressing an enthralled audience of newly admitted students in a welcome orientation ceremony held at Faisal Masjid.

The ceremony was organized by Directorates of Students Affairs (male and female) of the university. In a maiden speech to the new students in presence of Vice President Academics, Students Advisors and relevant officials, the president IIU termed hard work, dedicated learning and devotion key to success.

“You are the future, take the responsibility and raise the lamp of knowledge, we will always be there to make your life a real success” Dr. Hathal said while discussing the importance of youth. “We are committed to provide all the logistic, learning and counseling support in all fields to our students, our mission is to prepare the generations for the future” the IIU president said. He said that love for the homeland was a necessary attribute that must be adopted by the youth. He also called upon the educational institutions to inculcate the passion and love for the country in the minds of youth.

Dr. Hathal also hailed the fervor and emotional attachment of the Pakistani nation for its homeland. Talking about the challenges of youth of Muslim world, Dr. Hathal said students must prepare themselves for the future.