City school holds early years education talkfest


The City School organised a conference titled ‘Early Years Education (EYE) Talkfest’ on the other day. During the event academics reflected on the vast repository of inferences, perceptions, and inspiration relating to a holistic play-based approach in the early years, stepping forward from an inter-disciplinary to a trans-disciplinary approach.

Dr Farzana, the group chairperson, was the chief guest of the event. Talking about the latest updates and research in EYE, Sabahat Khan Tatari, Regional Director North, reiterated the significance of inclusivity ensuring the need for equity to develop and enrich young learners’ experience.

Keynote speaker, Professor Dr Farid Punjani from AKU shared erudite interpretations in the power of reflective practice. Ratiocination session, moderated by Dr Fatima Dar, concluded objectively to foster children’s imagination, creativity, empathy, and critical thinking skills. Referring to 5Cs, Dr Shelina Bhamani bridged the idea of global citizenship and classroom practice.