If the nation is strong !


Attiya Munawer

THE cunning and perfidious enemy that Pakistan is facing is amassing a stockpile of weapons from all over the world. First it created a war atmosphere with Pakistan, and then it tried to enter Pakistan in the dark of night and rejoiced, in response, Pakistan responded in broad daylight on February 27 that the enemy had lost consciousness, but the Modi government fooled its people by saying that if we had Rafale planes, we would not be defeated. The Indian government then tried to gain a defensive advantage over Pakistan by purchasing the Rafale aircraft, but the Pakistan Air Force has crushed Indian govt claims.
At present, the Pakistan Air Force has crossed another milestone and enhanced its national air defence. Serial production have begun for the state-of-the-art JF-17 Thunder Block III fighter jets, while JF-17 double-seat aircraft has also been added to the Pakistan Air Force fleet, with the new JF-17 Thunder Block III radar. It will be operational and many times better than the Rafale obtained by India. the double-seat aircraft manufactured with Pak-China cooperation have also been handed over to the Pakistan Air Force that will further strengthen the national defence.
In addition, the firing of surface-to-air missile by the Pakistan Navy was also successfully demonstrated, which proves that Pakistan is always ready to pursue the enemy. India’s defence budget is equal to Pakistan’s gross national budget. However, Pakistan is ensuring smart and efficient use of available resources without compromising on national defence capability in difficult economic times. Pakistan has trained forces instead of stockpiling weapons and focused on the quality of weapons, while India has stockpiles of conventional and non-conventional weapons from around the world, but the quality is the same as that shown by the Indian Air Force on 27 February 2019 with a pilot like Abhinandan.
With limited resources, Pakistan has not only made its defence invincible, but has also expressed it when needed and given the opportunity. Ten years ago, Indian Army Chief General Deepak Kapoor boasted of defeating Pakistan and China at the same time. Ten years later, Pakistan and China have reminded India of its times on their borders. The whole world witnessed the operation with the Indian Army in Ladakh, while the clear response of Pakistan to the aggression of the Indian Air Force has become a nightmare for India.
Pakistan is moving towards building fifth generation aircraft, with Pakistan and China also agreeing on “Fight Together”. Now, India will have to think many times before looking down on either of them. For the peace and security of the region, it would be better for the enemy to accept the reality of Pakistan from the bottom of his heart and lift the trident from its aorta (occupied Kashmir), otherwise no one will be able to save India from being torn apart.
Undoubtedly, everyone from a Pakistan Army soldier to a General and from a civilian to a Prime Minister is always ready and vigilant to fight for the defence and survival of Pakistan. Pakistan and India are both nuclear powers. Apparently there is no possibility of war, but India would like to create tension on the borders and accuse Pakistan of terrorism so that we do not divert our resources towards development. But we also have to strengthen our defence and move towards becoming a welfare state, because if the nation is strong and powerful, then economy will be better, country will develop and defence will be even stronger.
—The writer is a regular columnist, based in Lahore.

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