Iesco issue notice to government and semi-government institutions for payment of electricity dues


Failure to pay dues will result in disconnection of electricity

Iesco has issue final notice to government and semi-government defaulting departments for payment of iesco electricity dues immediately, failure to pay electricity dues will result in disconnection of electricity without prior notice.

According to details ajk105335 million, defence/mes 3211 million, cda 2880 million, pak sectt c/o cda 689 million, cabinet secretariat c/o cda 79 million, cantt board chaklala 896 million, wasa 449 million, defense production division 263 million, pakistan pwd 200 million, hospital under federal government 198 million, cantt board rawalpindi 168 million, ministry of railways 147 million, federal police 146 million, tma rawal town 125 million, parliament lodges 112 million, pm secretariat (pwd) 84 million, ministry of interior 83 million, chief commissioner islamabad 70 million, ministry of health, 58 million, ministry of culture and sports 54 million, tma murree 52 million, senate c/o cda 50 million, punjab prison and convict 49 million, minister of education 47 million , age maintenance (dp) 42 million, holy family hospital rawalpindi 39 million, fwo 37 million, nha 33 million, punjab health and welfare department 32 million, pof wah taxila 30 million, pakistan broadcasting corporation 29 million, district and tehsil headquarters hospital rawalpindi 25 million, fia 23 million, punjab metro bus 18 million, health district government jhelum 18 million, ministry of local government 17 million, ministry of environment and urb 16 million, ministry of hajj and auqaf 16 million, fbr/cbr 14 million, ministry of planning and development 12 million and dg special education 11 million are defaulter of iesco.

For more information and guidance, iesco customer services director can be contacted at hn and pay electricity bills on time.