IEP holds reference for Maj Gen (Retd) Engr Hidayatullah


A condolence reference was held at the Institution of Engineers Islamabad to pay tribute to Major Gen (r) Engr Hidayatullah Khan Niazi who died on 30th December 2020.
Secretary IEP Islamabad Gp Capt (r) Engr. Najamuddin informed the gathering of Engineers on the achievements and services of Late Maj Gen Hidayatullah khan who had the unique distinction to have served in ‘2’Arms namely; Corp of Engineers and Army Aviation.

As a hero of 1965 war, he flew valiant tactical mission on an Army Aviation Aircraft to know the deployment of Indian Armoured Division in Chawinda area and encountered heavy Indian guns fire with 32 direct hits but ensured that after finding the valuable information landed the aircraft safely at Sialkot aerodrome.

For his extraordinary courage and successful mission, he was awarded the gallantry Award of Sitara-e-Jurrat. On return to his parent Corp of Engineers from Army Aviation, he progressed in different important assignments to become a Major General.
Chairman IEP Local Centre in his speech recalled his association with Late General as Secretary of Engineers Cooperative Housing Society (ECHS) Islamabad.

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