Folk music l osing popularity in youth

Staff Reporter

The folk music gradually loosing popularity among youth due to increasing popularity of modern music in new generation.
Folk songs were declining day by day as the young generation has no interest in traditional music, said Arif Lohar’s student and folk artist Basheer Khan.
The folk music is dying down as senseless with empty lyrics and music, rather the rock and pop music was shrinking space for the former to inherit the heritage of folklore and ancient culture.

There was a time when folk music enjoyed the crowd of its fans and followers who loved and enjoyed the music as a food for their souls that helped them provoke spiritual sentiments to discover the mysteries of human existence and its link with the universe.
He said there should be separate academies for traditional music in the country to keep it alive and flourish.

He said that for progress of country, it was necessary to keep its culture and musical heritage alive so that the government could take steps for separate academies of folk music.

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