Ibrahim calls for world peace through education


Ibrahim Hasan Murad, President, University of Management and Technology (UMT), has called for universally accessible and equitable education for sustainable world peace. He was speaking on the occasion of the World Peace and Understanding Day during a special activity and peace walk arranged at UMT. The World Peace and Understanding Day is celebrated every year on February 23 to boost global peace, tolerance, and “service above self.”

Ibrahim Hasan Murad said that to support and promote world peace, UMT sponsors from time to time a variety of events including national and international seminars to discuss peace and education issues. It collaborates with international universities for student exchange programs to encourage diversity within the university and its activities. UMT makes a difference in the world with its dedication and commitment to higher quality education.

Mr. Murad further said that a peaceful nation can only be built when the people of the world recognize the importance of resolving conflicts and problems non-violently by following the standards of human rights and equality. Leaders and stakeholders of diverse backgrounds should join hands to discuss ideas, generate deep and lasting a lliances, and ultimately give back to their societies; he added.

President UMT highlighted that the Rotary Club has put in effort for more than 100 years to support global understanding and peace and also made a huge change in many parts of the globe by benefiting hundreds and thousands of people through the Rotary projects.


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