IAF veteran admits Indian failures in air battle with Pakistan


New Delhi

Indian Air Force veteran Air Marshal Denzil Keelor has admitted his country’s failure in aerial dogfight with Pakistan which saw an Indian aircraft shot down by Pakistan Air Force and its pilot captured.
In an undated TV interview which is being shared on social media, the former officer conceded that Pakistan had a great advantage over India. The PAF shot down an Indian fighter jet MiG-21 on February 27 when it crossed into Pakistan.
“Pakistan has a radar system, interception system, air defense system with ability to detect, identify, intercept and destroy. We didn’t have it. We didn’t have it,” he said while answering a question.
Denzil Keloor said some losses incurred by Indian side were due to tactical errors and inexperience. “You can’t go to war with this type of inexperience,” said he. —INP

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