Interpol again refuses red notice against Zakir Naik on India request



Interpol has again refused Red Corner Notice against Dr. Zakir Naik instructing all Interpol offices to delete all files and information on the Indian Islamic preacher who fled India a few years ago.
The Interpol has told India it decided to issue the notice due to lack of evidence and any proof of wrong doing, a spokesman of Naik in London stated sharing the official correspondence.
The decision was taken by the Interpol’s Commission in its 109th session held on 01 to 05 July 2019, according to an official paper seen by The News. Subsequently, the Interpol General Secretariat deleted all data pertaining to Dr. Naik on 15 July 2019, as per a letter from Interpol’s Commission for Control of Files.
The Interpol’s decision comes as a setback to the Indian government that has been persistently trying to get the international police to issue a red corner notice against the preacher who has been accused of radical preaching – a claim Naik rejects. This is the third attempt of the Indian government in convincing the Interpol of criminal charges against Dr Naik. Its first attempt was back in mid-2017. The Indian government had multiple meetings and presentations with the Interpol team in New Delhi in the last twelve months, the source claimed here.
In a letter addressed to Dr Zakir Naik, the Interpol’s Commission Secretariat stated that “after a thorough examination of the elements before it, the Commission found that the data (read “charges”) challenged raised questions as to compliance with applicable rules”. The statement implies that the charges and allegations against Dr. Naik were unsubstantiated and vague, and the Indian authorities had failed to follow the due process of Interpol’s rules of charges and proof submission.

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