I was harassed by an Uber driver for two years: Jemima Goldsmith


Jemima Goldsmith has revealed that she was harassed by an Uber driver. The acclaimed British filmmaker and the ex-wife of Prime Minister Imran Khan shared the unfortunate incident while replying to the widely-read novelist, Jojo Moyes.

The incident circulated a few years ago when Hassan Mahhmood, a cab driver harassed Jemima Khan. Mahhmood saved her number through Hailo App Service after the latter booked a gap. He went on to bombard Khan with a barrage of messages and calls and later threatened to turn up at her house. Khan had to repeatedly block his number but the guy kept changing it.

After several months of enduring the torture, Khan contacted the authorities and finally  Mahhmood admitted to harassing her at Isleworth Crown Court.

It is extremely important to teach men the meaning of consent so that for once we can put an end to these prevalent stories of harassment. More power to Jemima Goldsmith for speaking up!